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Recently, a female student made allegations that Hanover College violated a section of Title IX regarding sexual harassment. As a result of this claim, the Department of Education’s (DOE) Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has opened an investigation about these allegations. An investigation, ‘in no way implies that the OCR has made a determination with regard to their merit,’ from the OCR letter to Hanover College.

Federal Law limits what we can say about any case involving one of our students, however; any accusation of sexual misconduct or harassment on the Hanover campus is taken very seriously, and we are committed to process and review every sexual harassment or Title IX claim.

Various charges surrounding these allegations have undergone multiple appeals and reviews during the past two years and the College will cooperate fully with any requests or inquiries from the DOE, and welcomes their intervention in this case.   

Hanover College has at no time pressured any student who has filed a complaint, or suggested they give up their right to due process. We are confident that the evidence presented to the DOE will demonstrate our commitment to creating and fostering a welcoming educational environment for all students.